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Oh no, not Menelaus!

So I have set myself the somewhat arduous task of writing a weekly post, which is all very well in theory, but requires a degree of inspiration to which I simply do not have access, despite regular pleadings to the nine muses and all that.  However a thought did occur to me this morning, not too regular an occurrence, and something which is often celebrated in the empty cavern like nothingness of this particular blogess’s mind.  I said to myself, as you do, I will open up my ‘Who’s Who of the Classical World’ each weekend and stick a metaphorical pin in it.  Problem solved.  So I did just that this afternoon, full of hope and expectation, and who did I get but Menelaus.  Oh no, I thought, back again in that empty recess where all the ideas and stuff should happen, not Menelaus, the most boring of all the Homeric characters.  Because in my opinion Menelaus might just be the dullest hero in the history of heroes.  But at least I have a chance to explain why… Continue reading