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Finding the right study buddy…

Everyone that knows me well, also knows that I am a long time advocate for The Open University way of life. I’ve been a student with this institution since 2005, and would not have had the opportunity to study back then, if it were not for the flexibility of the distance learning style of teaching that the OU provide. However, having been a ‘distance learner’ for so long, I also get that the experience can become a bit isolating. The advantage of traditional brick universities and colleges is that you get to meet people in person, and share the experience with them.

For the last eight years though, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a study buddy who has joined in every step of my OU journey. Coco the Labrador is my faithful companion, most loyal supporter, and the best study partner that a gal could ask for. Admittedly, conversation can be a bit one sided, and she’s reluctant to take or share any useful notes, but when it comes to a nice leisurely walk in the sunshine to fend off those study blues, then she is absolutely always available.

With this in mind, the best advice that I have to offer anyone embarking on their own OU journey, is to try and be more dog: Continue reading