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What is classical studies?

Sometimes I think it can be difficult to satisfactorily explain classical studies as a subject, but it seems like the right place to start if I want to blog about classics generally.  In my opinion, classical studies is a subject which examines the culture of ancient Greece and Rome, through a multi-disciplinary approach, so incorporating the use of methodology and theories from subjects such as art history, literary analysis, linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and so much more!  But this short definition doesn’t seem even remotely to cover this very broad and interesting discipline. Continue reading

OU Lifer?

A few years ago when I decided to start over and embark on a retraining exercise in the form of a degree course, the Open University was a natural choice for me.  I had studied with them before, making the tangle of course related bureaucracy just a little less difficult to wind through, and they were cheaper by far than the local ‘brick’, sit in style, attend every day, sort of university with real people and classes.  I could learn in a flexible way, to suit my own lifestyle, which was handy given that I suffered a lot with migraines and headaches back then, and have a big Labrador that needs a good walk in the afternoons.  Continue reading